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Dream where your girlfriend cheats on you

Being cheated on in a dream can often feel so real that you actually go and accuse your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other of it. Such dreams are unsettling and disturbing. It often leaves you questioning your relationship. Often dreams about infidelity are rarely about cheating, but rather more about your own feelings of insecurity.

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Dreams about Boyfriend or Girlfriend Cheating – Interpretation and Meaning

When you're single, sex dreams are kind of the best. Your unconscious mind gets to go on sexual adventures your awake self might never be brave enough to try. But, when you're in a relationship , those sexy dreams can turn tumultuous because they don't always feature your partner in the starring role.

Often, we wake up from dreams about infidelity drenched in sweat and guilt. What do these dreams mean? Even if you know that your sexual thoughts haven't strayed from your partner, and you'd never cheat in real life, having sex dreams about someone else can make you feel like there's something majorly wrong in your relationship. After all, didn't Freud say that our dreams reveal our subconscious desires?

Despite what Freud said, having a cheating dream doesn't necessarily mean that you want to cheat on your partner. D, a psychologist and social worker: Carl Jung. And according to Jung, a dream doesn't necessarily reveal repressed wishes.

Instead, it's meant to be used as a symbol of something going on in your life. Forshee says. The "symbol of cheating" could mean many different things, depending on what your culture and upbringing taught you about cheating. Cheating can mean different things to different people.

Warner Bros. For some, cheating might be a symbol for breaking promises. Maybe there's some other commitment you've made that you now want to take back, like wanting to quit your job or skip the group hang you said you'd show up for this weekend. So breaking any other kind of promise is the same theme, and your worries over that are showing up in a different and sexier storyline. So maybe your sex dreams aren't about sex at all.

But then again, maybe they are. Dream interpretation isn't a solid science, so a dream about cheating isn't going to mean the same thing for everyone who dreams it.

For some, an infidelity dream might come from real flirting with or attraction to someone who isn't their partner, says Jessa Zimmerman, a certified sex therapist and author of " Sex Wit hout Stress. You don't necessarily have to bring up the dream in fact, Zimmerman suggests you don't , but you do need bring up any issue that might be manifesting in those dreams. Even if you aren't flirting with anyone in your real life, having a cheating dream gives you an opportunity to take stock of your relationship, Zimmerman says.

Think about whether there's stress around sex, whether you're happy with the frequency of sex in your relationship, whether you're expressing your desires and having them met, and whether you feel good enough about your partner that you want to be having sex together," she says. If you're unsatisfied with your sex life, dreams about cheating could be a symptom. So, again, you'll want to chat with your partner to figure out how you can start feeling more satisfied.

Remember, the dreams that indicate real problems in your relationship don't happen in a vacuum. So chances are good that you already know something is off before you ever see an explicit movie starring you and your neighbor play in your head.

And if there aren't any signs that your relationship is in turmoil, then the sex dream is probably just a dream. So step number one when you wake up shaking with worry is to chill. You don't need to worry to much about your dreams. Dreams serve plenty of purposes, Gailing says.

Sometimes they really do reveal the deep desires of our souls, but sometimes they're just there to entertain our sleeping minds. So don't worry so much unless you have something to worry about. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe Subscribe. My Account. BI Prime Intelligence Logout. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Kasandra Brabaw , Refinery Having a sex dream about someone who isn't your partner can often feel like cheating.

W hen analyzing dreams, it's often more important to pay attention to their symbolism than the actual events of the dream. Because of this, a dream about cheating might not mean the same thing for everyone.


A dream about cheating has left you feeling all distressed and anxious? Let's understand the varied interpretations of dreams about cheating. Both, pregnant women and their partners are reported to have a high number of cheating dreams. It is said that our conscious being represents only a tip of the iceberg that is our psyche, and that our mind is actually represented through our subconscious. When we are asleep, we allow our subconscious to bring to the fore all those incidents, feelings, and impulses that were either repressed, or their significance was not registered.

There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning after having a bad dream — especially if the subject matter of that bad dream hits close to home. If you're in a relationship, having dreams your partner is cheating can be super upsetting, even if there's no doubt in your waking mind that your partner is faithful.

When you're single, sex dreams are kind of the best. Your unconscious mind gets to go on sexual adventures your awake self might never be brave enough to try. But, when you're in a relationship , those sexy dreams can turn tumultuous because they don't always feature your partner in the starring role. Often, we wake up from dreams about infidelity drenched in sweat and guilt. What do these dreams mean?

What’s the Meaning of a Dream About Your Girlfriend Cheating?

This post and the photos within it may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. However, before you run to a relationship councilor, or begin to react in a way that may sabotage your relationship, you may want to wait for a moment…. Understand that dreams are not predictions. In reality, your dream may have nothing to do with your partner. Dreaming about your partner cheating is likely to be because of a deep fear you have. Of course, it may be related to your partner cheating. Or, perhaps it relates to something completely different. After all, it was your dream, not theirs.

Here’s the True Interpretation of Dreams About Cheating

Did you have a weird dream last night about your partner cheating on you? Well, this dream is not rare at all. Sometime in our life, we all had a similar dream about our partner and we will try to explain what this dream actually means, and did you forecast your future or does this have a completely different meaning. These dreams can be very uncomfortable and they can also be directed into hurting your partner and not just feeling hurt by them.

In the end, this angle on infidelity dreams is about a fear of actually being exposed to adultery or abandonment.

This morning I woke up as I normally do, hitting snooze five times while contemplating the actual necessity of taking a shower when suddenly I remembered what happened to me while I was sleeping. My wife dream-cheated on me. I shot up and glared angrily at this woman who was laying beside me as she slept peacefully in her cut off T-shirt and boxer shorts. How could she do this to me?

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Dream specialist Delphi Ellis explains the meanings behind some dreams - tell us about yours and it may be analysed. Have you ever had an awful dream in which your partner cheated on you? Apparently you're not alone, as it's one of the five most common things our minds play out in sleep. Dreams can be mundane, surreal, or even verge on terrifying.

Trusted Psychic Mediums. Dreams are a very curious thing. Most people have dreams when they sleep, even though not everyone will remember what they were about upon waking up. The details get fuzzy, and the dreams are sometimes weird and confusing to even remember. While the meaning of dreams can vary from person to person, there are many dream interpretations that can help you understand what your dream is all about. Read on to find out what this dream can mean for you , your girlfriend, and your relationship!

What Does It Mean to Dream About Cheating or Being Cheated On?

Dreams about cheating on someone or being cheated on by someone are often very simple, straightforward and "transparent" without any complicated symbolic. You have to take into account that the true author of the dream is always you and no one else. Therefore the "dramatization" and the "plot" of the story must be attributed to you inner wishes and fears. When you dream of cheating, your shady thoughts got the space to manifest themselves without any "side effects" or causing any real harm. When you cheat on someone in our dream, you are pursued often by the feeling of guilt. But you will say: "I love my partner — why do I dream about cheating?

Dreams about cheating on your partner with someone familiar. So, you had a pretty unusual dream where you cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend with.

Jorge dreams a lot and is occasionally able to decipher the complex network of symbolism in them. But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Did you have a weird dream recently that your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, etc. Dreams have long been looked to as sources of prophecy throughout many cultures, but does that prophecy extend to your personal life? Could it be that your dreams are telling you that your partner is indeed cheating?

If you're having dreams about cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend or about being cheated on by your husband or wife, then take a step back and interpret the symbolism before you drive yourself mad with guilt or accuse your spouse or partner of infidelity. According to psychologist Danielle Forshee, Psy. D, cheating dreams have little to do with infidelity in your current relationship, but rather they symbolize guilt, insecurity, or fear in your waking life. In real life, these feelings of doubt are attached to people and situations that have nothing to do with your partner or your relationship.

Last Updated on Aug 25, After awakening from a cheating dream, your heart will be pounding through your chest, and you will feel a mix of emotions running through your head. What is even more frustrating, is you will see your partner sleeping peacefully beside you, unaware of the drama they just caused in your mind.

When I opened the door to our apartment, my boyfriend was getting it on with Ilana from Broad City.

That could be caused by several factors, such as negative thoughts that have piled up in your subconscious mind. Dreams of your partner cheating on you can mean numerous things, which you may be experiencing at that moment. The following are what dreams of being cheated-on means. Dreaming of being cheated on can be caused by your own tendency to feel inferior.



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