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Find in mongodb php

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The number of documents to return in the first batch. Defaults to A batchSize of 0 means that the cursor will be established, but no documents will be returned in the first batch. Unlike the previous wire protocol version, a batchSize of 1 for the find command does not close the cursor. Collation allows users to specify language-specific rules for string comparison, such as rules for lettercase and accent marks.

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How to Sort Queries in MongoDB Using PHP

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Collection provides the basic interface for the Mongo queries, mostly: insert, update, delete operations. For example:. Column name or list of column names.

If array is given, each element in the array has as key the field name, and as value either 1 for ascending sort, or -1 for descending sort. You can specify field using native numeric key with the field name as a value, in this case ascending sort will be used. Indexes specification. Use value 'text' to specify text index. Fields to group by. If an array or non-code object is passed, it will be the key used to group results.

Function that takes two arguments the current document and the aggregation to this point and does the aggregation. Note: this function will not return the aggregation result, instead it will write it inside the another Mongo collection specified by "out" parameter. Function, which emits map data from collection. Function that takes two arguments the map key and the map values and does the aggregation.

Output collection name. Version 2. ExplainAction MongoDbPanel. MongoDbManager Permission Role. Collection represents the Mongo collection information.

Performs aggregation using Mongo Aggregation Framework. Inserts several new rows into collection. Creates an index on the collection and the specified fields. Creates several indexes at once. Returns a list of distinct values for the given column across a collection. Drops all indexes for this collection. Returns a cursor for the search results. Performs aggregation using Mongo "group" command. Performs aggregation using MongoDB "map-reduce" mechanism. Update the existing database data, otherwise insert this data.

Updates the rows, which matches given criteria by given data. This option is mandatory. Wildcard for name of the indexes to be dropped. The single document. Null is returned if the query results in nothing. Optional parameters to the group command. Valid options include: condition - criteria for including a document in the aggregation. Additional optional parameters to the mapReduce command.

Valid options include: sort: array, key to sort the input documents. The sort key must be in an existing index for this collection.

ODM (Object-Document Mapper)

Collection provides the basic interface for the Mongo queries, mostly: insert, update, delete operations. For example:. Column name or list of column names.

The maximum number of documents to return. If unspecified, then defaults to no limit.

In addition to its ability to map tables in relational databases, Phalcon can map documents from NoSQL databases. It must be placed in the models directory. A model file must contain a single class; its class name should be in camel case notation:. By default model Robots will refer to the collection robots. If you want to manually specify another name for the mapping collection, you can use the setSource method:.


Querying for documents with Doctrine is just as simple as if you weren't using Doctrine at all. Of course you always have your traditional find and findOne methods but you also have a Query object with a fluent API for defining the query that should be executed. You have a few different ways to find documents. You can use the find method to find a document by its identifier:. The find method checks the local in memory identity map for the document before querying the database for the document. The first and only argument is optional, you can specify it later with the find , update deprecated , updateOne , updateMany or remove method:. You can execute a query by getting a Query through the getQuery method:. Now you can execute that query and it will return an Iterator for you to iterate over the results:.

MongoDB - PHP

Mongodb is very popular open source, document based NoSQL database. In this article following tasks are done: 1. Create a database in mongoDB. In order to insert records to mongodb collection insert method is used. To work with mongodb in php you have to install php mongodb extension.

MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability and automatic scaling.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. So I've got this simple login function that is trying to match email address with a password in the database and compare it with the user entered data via form. I'm obviously not getting the paramaters correct for the find and findOne queries.


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MongoCollection::findOne — Queries this collection, returning a single element. As opposed to MongoCollection::find , this method will return only the first result from the result set, and not a MongoCursor that can be iterated over. MongoDB's query language is quite extensive. Fields of the results to return. Currently supported options are:. Specifies a cumulative time limit in milliseconds for processing the operation on the server does not include idle time.

Class yii\mongodb\Collection


I didn't find an example of how to use $or in PHP mongodb driver. Can any be kind You can see that, every sub-array is a condition. - show quoted text -.








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