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Girl meets world fanfiction car accident

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Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two. Thank you guys for following and favoriting.

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Authors note: Warning, horrific car crash. Some gore. I do not own anything, not the characters, the prayer Topanga says. All the conditions, hospitals, codes, procedures, locations are real.

I researched them and own nothing. No one noticed until it was too late, the cab driver was speeding and on his phone. He dropped it and ducked down to pick it up, fumbling for it near the pedals. Little did he notice that as he did so he ran a red light through a busy intersection. People stopped and looked on in shock and horror as three cars collided violently together. A black transport vehicle was hit by a red truck and white car, as it sped through the intersection.

Metal crunching on metal. Glass shattering. Metal and glass rubbing across the road, sounding similar to nails on a chalkboard. The black taxi SUV spun and then it rolled until it landed onto one side with the other cars protruding from it. People were screaming in pain, fright and confusion. Metal, glass and other debris littered the road. Some of the people had been thrown, and the engine and gas tank burst into flames.

I was resetting the ambulance from the last patient we just transferred when a call came through the radio. As he jumped into the drivers' cab, I told him the code and gave him the location. Three vehicles involved. Red light runner, main car rolled. At least one person ejected.

From what it sounded like it was going to be a horrific case for me. Seven minutes did not feel like enough time and nothing could have prepared me for the site. As we rushed out of the ambulance, I took in the sight. It was a disaster scene. We rushed over to where some firefighters were attempting to control the spreading auto fire, as well as cut into the black SUV. Both of the sides were crumpled, one more so than the other, which I can only believe to have been caused by rolling.

As I moved in closer to them, I noticed an indescribable mass under the vehicle. As I leaned in closer, I realized it was a person. Adrenaline coursed through my veins. The vehicle rolled on top of someone! He nodded and started talking in his walkie, calling dispatch for Life Flight. I knew that the firefighters would first have to put out the fire that was burning, and remove the passengers inside before they could reach them.

Then I heard it. I watched them carefully pull the kid out, as they did so others were practically diving in. Prepping the other patients for movement. That's when all hell broke loss. A few of them are trapped by crumpled metal and the fire is only getting worse". As the cut open the most crumpled part of the vehicle we found another passenger.

As they finally cut away the last of the car, I gasped at what I saw. She was barely breathing, as I checked her ABC's I noticed she had Flail Injury, in which parts of her rib cage had been completely separated from the sternum.

There were many wounds, burns, and other injuries but what really shook me were her legs. The car had crumpled around her lower legs, trapping flammable and toxic chemicals. Below both of her knees were 3rd or 4th degree burns. As well as the open fractures. Just from looking at it, I could tell that the legs might not make it. He walked over and the second he caught a glimpse he immediately notified dispatch.

I handed over caring for her, as they needed to move her to get to the patient under the car. After a lot of cutting and hauling, we were than at last able to get to the patient. And it was worse than I had pictured. She had several open fractures in both of her legs. The way she was positioned made it clear her spine was definitely broken. Many 3rd degree burns, and she was lying in a pool of blood, chemicals, and gasoline. As I suspected she had no heartbeat, pulse or breathing.

I called Nichole over who had been helping load some of the others. I checked for a pulse. I shocked her heart again. Again nothing. She had been trapped so long under the vehicle that I was starting to lose hope her heart would beat.

To, much relief, one was there. It was very faint but it was there. As I continued chest compression Nicole was placing the endotracheal tube in. We than started the oxygen immediately.

We waved some firefighters over. As I placed an IV to try to hydrate her, and keep her from suffering from more severe hemorrhage. Nichole was franticly running around, helping the other EMT's load patients. From glances out of the corner of my eye, I could see the injuries of other patients. Burns, blood loss, fractures, open wounds, and worse.

My radio crackled. We are three minutes from the site. Do we have a clearance area? There are no hazard items in way of takeoff or landing. Side-impact car crash, ejected from vehicle. The SUV rolled and came to rest on her lower portion, was trapped under the vehicle for about minutes.

Crush injury, and major hemorrhage. Open fractures of the legs. Unstable spine fracture, not cervical. Glasgow Coma Score of 3. Side-impact car crash. Second to last recovered. Vehicle crumpled around lower limbs. We got Life Flight landing, please clear the area! As the chopper landed three medics rushed out and helped us put her on a backboard, and then onto the stretcher. Can you help us?

I am flying with them. Just report to base with the driver, okay? The pilot than called over the radio. Our ETA is about two minutes". I was busy sorting through my casework when I suddenly felt very anxious. I could not explain it, for some reason my mother's intuition was kicking in.

Still I could not shake the feeling something was wrong. I went back through my stack of files when suddenly my cell phone rang. I was told this was the number to call.

Do you by chance have a daughter named Riley Matthews, who was being accompanied by five other teens? We need you to come as soon as you can. Your daughter, Maya Hunter and Farkle Minkus are in dire need of surgery, and the others need treated.

We see you have an emergency power of consent and we cannot reach their parents. Do you give us verbal consent to treatment?

Summary: Riley and Maya are walking to school. Maya doesn't see a truck coming while crossing the street. Riley pushes Maya out of the way just in time, but Riley is hit head on. Will Riley be okay?

This is my first chapter of my first story that I'm writing. I'm really nervous, and I hope you guys like this chapter.

Remember send in prompts until May 27 th. And as always Enjoy! Prompt: From gmwfanforlife — Can you do one where there is a car crash with the core four and Riley fights to survive and stay alive? And long please.

Hi guys. No one is probably reading this, but I hope you like it. Right before the car accident, Maya risked her life to save me. When she saw the car and she knew we couldn't stop, she unbuckled her seat belt and climbed on top of me. She was trying to shield me from the impact. I read that note thing and I don't except that you put your own feelings over mine. Now get off of me," I said. I tried to push her off, but she wouldn't. It was too late. The car wasn't in flames luckily.

It happened in slow-motion. The collision. Despite happening in less than a second, it felt like the world had stopped. It was sudden, it was painful, it was deadly.

I'll go home.

It had started off as a normal day. I was on the train headed to me and my best friend, Maya's favorite store, Demolition. I was sitting on the bench, waiting for my stop while looking through the pictures on my phone.

Gotta new laptop for Christmas so might be updating more regularly. So here's the next chapter, enjoy He has six broken ribs and also four bruised ribs.

Authors note: Warning, horrific car crash. Some gore. I do not own anything, not the characters, the prayer Topanga says. All the conditions, hospitals, codes, procedures, locations are real. I researched them and own nothing.


Oct 13, - Right before the car accident, Maya risked her life to save me. When she saw the car and she knew we couldn't stop, she unbuckled her seat.








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