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Nothing is going to stop me from joining you in Texas and becoming Mrs. Lucas Friar. She closed her eyes as she held him one last time, breathing in his woodsy masculine scent that always comforted her. He brought her hand to his lips kissing her fingers and looking down at her engagement ring, "At least you'll have this on to keep the guys from chasing after you while we're apart.

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Hi everyone! This is my first one-shot and my first Joshaya , yeah, I hope you guys like it. I really wanted to write something for Christmas and here it is! I guess the only other thing I want to say is - Please review! I love hearing what everyone thinks about my writing and how I can improve!

Thanks for reading! Side note: So a guest just reviewed, and brought it to my attention that I accidently called Josh, Ashton. I am really sorry everyone, I went back and fixed it. If you guys see anything else let me know! Again, sorry. But, Thank You to the guest who reviewed and let me know I really appreciate it. I just got the names in my stories mixed up so, yeah. Annyway, fixed it! You are what happened!

I thought something was wrong with the way you screamed! Now, neither one could keep their laughter contained. After a minute or two, they were calming down and Riley turned to Maya again.

I screamed because I got a text from Josh saying he was coming here to see me for Christmas! I am so excited! Although, she was nearly screaming again out of pure joy. That only gives us two hours to decorate! We need to hurry. Now go get dressed and I'll get started! So, Riley went to get dressed while Maya got decorations out and started putting them up.

Soon after Riley came out of her room, she was helping Maya drag out their Christmas tree and set it up. They also decorated the tree and made Christmas cookies. By four o clock, they were done and so out of breath that you would have thought that they just got back from running a marathon. Once the stereo fired up a few seconds later, the soft sound of Christmas music sounded throughout the apartment. Once the girls were ready, they went to go meet the boys at a restaurant.

After dinner, they all came back to the apartment to settle down. But as Maya walked through the doorway with Josh, after everyone else, she heard him cough, like he was trying to catch her attention. She looked over at him. When she did he pointed above his head and said, " I think this means that you owe me something. She was confused at first, but, then she looked up and saw mistletoe hanging from the ceiling right above his head. She couldn't help but giggle as she walked over to him.

When she got to him he smiled, leaned down a caught her lips in a passionate, but at the same time gentle, Christmas kiss. As they pulled apart, he quietly whispered in her ear " Merry Christmas my love" and kissed her one last time on the cheek before taking her hand to lead them to where everyone else sat in the living room. I almost forgot, for those of you who are already reading Dance Lessons, I am hoping to update soon, like, possibly today if I get a chance.

I am really srry I haven't been updating but my computer was acting up. Anyway, I hope this makes up for it! Love you guys! Story Story Writer Forum Community. A short, sweet Josh and Maya Christmas one-shot.

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I hope you enjoy my Girl Meets World Christmas one-shot collection! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to write it in the reviews. From the 1st up until the 25th the month is dedicated to presents and lights and naivety plays.

AN: new story! This will just be a quick couple of chapters in response to Girl Meets a Christmas Maya.

This may become my best Christmas yet, Maya decided, getting off of the bus with a spring her step. She was already smiling and in an unusually optimistic frame of mind as she walked the last of the block between the bus stop and the Matthews' apartment building. The first real Christmas I've had in a long time, anyway. The last thought threatened to do damage to the smile on her face, so she pushed away the gloomy fact as she stepped into the apartment building and stomped a few bits of snow off of her boots. The light flurries were probably going to be melted away within a few hours, and within a few seconds — with the help of a practiced mental shove — so was the last of her impending sadness.

Maya wasn't one to celebrate Christmas extravagantly. She preferred a small get together with some of her family and friends without the stress of a large gathering. That all changed however when she married Lucas. Their first Christmas together was spent in Texas with more people than she had ever thought she would see. Lucas had noticed it was awkward for her and had mentioned that they should stay in New York next year. Maya couldn't hear the other side of the phone but snickered when she Lucas roll his eyes, "No, we aren't going to see it on Christmas Farkle. We are getting together over here and are not going to see Zombie Horror Movie. Maya continued to read her magazine until Lucas got off the phone, "He's crazy," is all Lucas said.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's my gift to all of you Riley spied Marley rolling around on the living room floor with the new puppy crawling all over her, licking her face, rubbing up against her, gnawing on her hand. I know a young lady who's going to have to take a bath before we go to see Santa tonight. Riley knelt next to Marley and cradled the mixed-breed puppy in her hands.

There's going to be callbacks to Boy Meets World as well. There was an undeniable pep in Cory's walk as he left the school and headed for the parking garage across the street.

Again with all the support, I am floored! You guys are the best! Like always, thank you for taking a chance on me!

Hi everyone! This is my first one-shot and my first Joshaya , yeah, I hope you guys like it. I really wanted to write something for Christmas and here it is! I guess the only other thing I want to say is - Please review!

A Christmas With Boing. Maya hummed along to her favorite Christmas song as she cut up the snowflake she was making. She opened it looking at it before growling crumbling it up as she grabbed another paper cutting into it. She looked at it when she finished and smiled thinking she had it when she notice one of the edges was crooked. She sighed crumbling it up and started over cutting into another paper hoping to get it right this time.


Dec 24, - Maya wasn't one to celebrate Christmas extravagantly. She preferred a small get together with some of her family and friends without the stress of.








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