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Girl meets world fanfiction topanga held maya

Hey y'all! So many of you asked for a sequel where Maya gets hospitalized and the Matthews take care of her so here it is! Anyways, I don't own Girl Meets World, it's characters or anything else. Hope you enjoy the story! It was a normal Wednesday morning in the Hart household. Maya woke up to another empty house and got ready for school as usual.

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People claim that there is a bond between individuals. As though you could feel when someone you love is disappearing, or feel when they're gone. It's something you'd want to just know. You don't want a phone call in the middle of the night, a stranger, or even a family member to tell you that you'll never see your best friend ever again. However, these are the realistic ways of learning of someone passing. There is no bond, there is no warning, you go to bed one night and you think you know you'll see them tomorrow — and the next day you'll never see them again.

Topanga Matthews grumbled as she made her way to the phone. She was in the middle of an imperative file that was almost crucial to her winning that case she was working on, while Cory was grading papers which always seemed to trump whatever work Topanga was doing. She didn't mind, her husband was educating the future rulers of America… or in Farkle's case, the world.

Riley was sat in the dining room, her math supplies sprawled across the entire table. She was aggressively punching numbers into her TI as though it was the millionth time she'd typed them in and Topanga laughed watching this, barely paying attention to what the caller was saying.

This number was listed as an emergency backup number in the event that we couldn't contact Ms. Katy Hart.

Is this Cory or Topanga speaking? Maya Hart was brought in earlier this morning — there's been an accident.

She watched Riley as Donna further explained the situation to her. When she finished, Topanga thanked her for calling and carefully sat down next to Riley. I was going to call Farkle so he could help me out but," She shrugged and sighed at her assignment, "I kinda already called him like eight times for help on this one assignment.

Topanga gulped, looking down at their hands. We can go visit her, she's in Ashton. I'll drive it'll be okay. Riley nodded and Topanga started to gather everyone for the long trip to Ashton. A few hours later they were all piled in the car. Cory was driving while Topanga worked on her case in the passenger's seat and Farkle was playing a game with Auggie while Riley slept on his shoulder in the back.

After nearly 6 long hours Cory pulled into the hospital parking lot. Matthews laughed and opened the back door,. The hospital had white tile floors and a horrible pale blue paint that coated the walls of the waiting room. Topanga was up at the counter asking for any information about Maya while Riley and Farkle sat off in their own little corner together — with Cory keeping a close eye on them. Riley was staring at her phone, the screen had timed out so she was looking at nothing but Farkle knew exactly what she was thinking about.

He put his hand on top of the phone and used his other arm to pull her into a side hug. I'll call Lucas. Farkle got up and went to a different part of the room and started to call Lucas when a young woman who looked to be in her late twenties came out in a pair of light blue scrubs. Usually, when coming out for an update, if the surgeon was covered in blood they would clean themselves as to not traumatize the family.

This woman had done a relatively good job at that but had forgotten to take off her scrub cap and wash off her face, both of which were streaked with red.

Cory put his hands on Riley's shoulders while Topanga held a passed out Auggie. Is that even possible? Cory extended an arm and pulled his wife back giving her a soft look. Riley looked over her shoulder to Farkle but he motioned for her to go on without him.

Her room was B and they were told that only one person could go in at a time, Riley looked back at her parents and they both nodded, gently nudging her into the room. The door slid open and Riley stepped inside, immediately taken aback by what she saw. She wasn't sure what she'd see when she walked in —.

Maya's face was bruised and swollen to the point where she was unrecognizable, she was intubated so there was a tube going down her throat, and because of the brain surgery her long blonde hair was shaved away and replaced by white bandages.

All of Riley's words seemed to be caught in her throat. This was not Maya Hart. This was someone so damaged that you'd need dental records to identify them. Riley reached for her best friends hand but couldn't bring herself to actually hold her, in fear that the slightest touch could bring her to her death. Riley shook her head and quickly slid open the door running out of the room and crashing into Farkle.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in closer to him. That's not Maya. Cory reached forward to comfort his daughter but Topanga pulled his arm back, they couldn't help her now.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Maya Hart has been running from so many things for so long; her emotions, her life, even herself. But when you stop running from something it eventually catches up to you, and Maya might not be able to deal with it all when they do. You're wrong. Matthews laughed and opened the back door, "No. She wasn't sure what she'd see when she walked in — But it wasn't this. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8.

Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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People claim that there is a bond between individuals. As though you could feel when someone you love is disappearing, or feel when they're gone. It's something you'd want to just know.

So, this is a new fandom for me, but here I am This show has made me more confident in myself and stuff. Topanga smiled sadly at her family siting down in her shop.

Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Also, I wrote this fic quite a while ago. If anything is inconsistent with what has now happened in GMW which a lot of it is , just think about this fic starting somewhere in early to mid-season 2. Maya walked into the Matthews' apartment one Sunday morning looking distraught.

Ok guys. I know the last chapter was a little extreme. Maybe some of you didn't expect things to go down that fast but it did. Now I'm not sure what you guys want so you tell me. Do you guys want Joshaya or Faya. Please review which couple you want because I don't know which to do so I tried to put a little bit of both in this chapter. Anyways here's the chapter its longer and hopefully it has more emotions that you guys wanted. Everyone looked at Josh as blood started to fall out of the hole in his stomach. Josh looked at the hole himself before he looked up at Kermit and fell hard to the floor.

Riley Matthews, right now 18 years old, was in her senior year, but now, she was at her house with Maya, of course. They were in her bedroom and Maya said, "Hey Riles, have you ever been so sick for a long time? Is something wrong? I don't know what's going on.

I heard it again a few weeks ago and could not help but think about how this is such a Joshaya song. Anyways, happy reading!

Riley saw the forest spinning. She felt herself fall deep into the forest, calling after Maya. Yet Maya would not come.

Topanga was currently in the process of changing Harper's dipper. Topanga sighed as she put Harper back into her crib. Today was the day she'd finally be going back to work. It had been exactly 4 months since Harper was born.

Author's note: Hi friends. So I had been determined to not do another story just like my previous. I kept telling myself to do the same plot twice. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to write this story because I wanted to show that even though everyone is different. Most girls have similar feeling about getting older and their bodies maturing.

Or well, a Maya and the Matthews 's moments story. It is another songfic, inspired by the song Those Nights by Skillet. If anybody is ever going through a hard time, I recommend their music. Some of the lyrics are in this story. Oh a little warning, it contains a little bad language. Nothing to terrible though. In a dark room lit by the t.

Jul 29, - Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Cory M., Maya H., Riley M., Topanga L. M. - Chapters: 6 - Words: Anyways, I don't own Girl Meets World, it's characters or anything else. Mr. Matthews kept teaching and Maya shut her eyes tightly as the dull ache in her.

Maya and Lucas were sitting by the window currently discussing the love triangle. Lucas felt slightly relieved yet uncomfortable that they were talking about this. Thst meant that this whole love triangle businesses could be over. But that also meant he would end up breaking one of their hearts. Maya froze.

If I did, the age gap would be addressed because Maya is actually just under two years younger than Josh. The moment Maya hart walked through her front door, Amy Mathews knew that her son stood absolutely no chance. The young girl came into their lives like a hurricane, quite literally. She was all pig tails and rosy cheeks when she, Topanga and Riley rushed into the Mathews' home trying to escape the harsh winds of Philadelphia's autumn.

Topanga was a pretty young mother but that never stopped her from loving her daughter as much as she could. Even though it would be easier on them both if her husband Cory took their daughter Riley to daycare in the morning Topanga insisted that she be the one to do it. She just loved the time in the morning she could spend alone with Riley. When she reached the top button she pecked Riley on the nose.

I thought it fit really well…As always don't forget to let me know what you think. There she was, there was Riley!

Maya slowly walked out of the room followed by Colin. Little did any of them know that while they were talking he was busy making a few phone calls as well. Topanga and Riley followed Colin and Maya out of the bedroom and down the hallway. When they reached the living room Riley stopped and looked around, truly taking in the state of the apartment. There were beer bottles covering the tables, take-out containers on the floor, and dishes piled up in the sink.

Topanga stood outside her daughter's bedroom, the door was opened just a crack and the only reason she knew Riley was in their alone was because of the sad music playing. She never let it play while Maya was sitting with her. No these days they just sat in silence, each day just waiting for the spark that would set off the epic war that was brewing between them over Lucas Friar. She sighed, wishing there was something she could do to make Riley feel better, to get her out of this funk she seemed to be in, but it was like everything she said or did just got her pushed away further. The music stopped, and Topanga braced herself for a reason to be in the hallway when she heard her daughter's voice. I know you're mad at me, you're mad at yourself, you're mad at Maya who else are you mad at? I'm mad at you for revealing everything on New Year's, and I'm mad at Maya because she had these feelings and didn't think she could talk to me, and now we can't talk.

Everyone watched as the world seemed to go into slow motion, the short blonde being thrown across the vehicle and landing in a heap on the floor, falling unconscious as her head hit the back window. As the class, Riley included, watched Maya being carried out of the flames, Zay and Farkle noticed her jacket had caught alight down her sleeve. Quickly they ran to Lucas, the small girl in his arms, taking off their coats and smothering the flames. Cory had no idea what to do, he had been trained in first aid as a requirement to be a Middle School teacher but this was way above his pay grade, his class had just been in a bus crash, Maya, his best friends' daughter, was seriously hurt and was clearly burnt.

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