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How to be a strong christian man

Just as in our physical life we must breathe, eat, and exercise, so in the spiritual life we must observe these three essentials to success and happiness. The Christian life is a growth, and we must not expect too great results at first, but, if we follow these three essentials to Christian life and growth, we shall have happiness and joy in Christ's service here on earth. What is the food for spiritual life? If we do not eat this food for the soul, we shall not grow, but shall finally starve spiritually. Prayer is the breath of the soul.

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10 Guidelines for Christian Living

God gave me two boys to raise, Ransom and Justin. Ransom is now 14 years old and is already a Christian man.

Justin is a Christian boy 12 years old, and is training to become a man before he is Something special. I believe that God has given to my wife Diane and me a special idea about raising boys, an idea that may be of use to you if you have sons in your family. We have created a special celebration and ceremony to introduce them to Christian manhood.

Almost every culture in the world has something to mark the difference between a boy and a man. The rite of passage may involve an ordeal, a test, or a training period of some kind. The boy who has reached a certain age must kill a crocodile, or train with a bow and arrow, or go on a long journey alone, or join in a dangerous hunt with the men.

When does a boy become a man in white American culture? When he graduates from high school? When he moves away from his parents? When he can vote? When he gets his first full-time job? When he is 21? When he gets married? When he owns his own home? No one can say. There is no clear point of transition. What do we do to give proper guidance? I know and you know that there is no magic formula.

God must be at work in teaching us and our boys, and he must be the one who causes them to grow 1 Cor. But you and I can plant and water. I decided that one way I could help my sons was by showing them what it was to be a man. What is a man? What marks maturity? In the Bible, true maturity does not consist in being able to kill a crocodile!

The true maturity is spiritual. It is wisdom in knowing God and his will, and being able to carry it out in your life Prov. I must set an example by my manhood. That is an awesome challenge. I fail to live up to the biblical standard. But part of being a man is being able to admit it when I fail and then to ask forgiveness.

In addition to all the regular things that must go into Christian living, I decided that my boys should have a rite of passage. It involves training and testing. It is not easy for them. They must prove themselves to be Christian men. My son Ransom, 13 years old, has been through it. He knows that he is a man.

He knows it not only because he worked and sweated at it, but because we had a celebration at the end. We sent out invitations. At the party, in the presence of about 90 people, his friends and our family friends, we reviewed some of the testing, and then I declared in front of everyone that he was now a man. You are Mr. Ransom Poythress. You are now a man. The change of name is significant. White American culture still has a tiny fragment in which it recognizes manhood.

One of my Latino friends tells me that they have a celebration of manhood at the 12th birthday. The Jews became a model from which we attempted to learn. The Jews of the Old Testament are therefore our spiritual ancestors. In addition, we live in a neighborhood with many Jews. So in our neighborhood the idea of having a ceremony for manhood was not strange.

We can also point to the incident recorded in Luke At 12 years old Jesus, our Savior and Representative, shows his manly maturity in his understanding of the Bible and his understanding of his role. So what did we do? We tried to do the normal things that go into Christian parenting. But in addition, we told the boys from an early age about the Bar Jeshua we were planning for each of them. We told them that they would become men when they were They were going to have to train for it beforehand.

In what does the training consist? Christian manhood is the goal. The training must match the goal. So we set for them projects. They acquire and demonstrate skill in each of several overlapping areas. They work on these areas over a period of years. Many times we just integrate the work into our family devotional times.

At other points we have periods where they have concentrated study in one area. When the boy is 11 years old, we assess progress. If our boy is honestly far from ready, we are willing in principle to put things off for another year. But if he is showing more maturity, we have a time of more concentrated preparation. I am present at these tests to provide moral support, but not to coach my boy on the answers.

We also reserve the fellowship hall at our church as a site for the coming celebration. We send out invitations. We draw up a program sheet and buy decorations and food. The day of the Bar Jeshua celebration is a Saturday, so that more people can come. I explain the celebration to all present.. Our boy reads a short passage from the Hebrew Bible and explains it as does the Jewish boy at Bar Mitzvah.

The boy reads a short passage from the Greek Bible and explains it. But our boy already knows that he has passed the private tests, so he does not have to fear the result. We pray for him. I declare that he is a man. Then we eat and converse. Many of the guests bring gifts for the boy, because they can see that it is like a big birthday celebration.

What do our boys think of it? They are intimidated. At times they get discouraged. Manhood is not easy. This life is not easy for a Christian. We keep encouraging them. But we also challenge them. And we avoid showing any sign of giving in to the pressures around us.

God has given us a responsibility to train you to be a man. Because you are in this family, this is what you have to do. We have to strike a careful balance. We encourage hard work toward the worthy goal of serving Christ. We try to hit the positive note of encouragement many times for every one time that we have to criticize them.

What happens after our boy becomes a man? He has the privileges of a man. The privileges must be real and meaningful.

4 Signs of a Strong Christian Man

Over the last seven decades, Billy Graham has written 32 books which are an extension of his continued ministry and burden to reach as many people as possible with the Good News of the Gospel. Graham outlines ten guidelines for Christian living. This classic volume by Billy Graham points to the fact that God is the only way to find authentic personal peace in a world in crisis. Whether we are playing a game, driving a car, or baking a cake, there are certain rules that must be followed for our safety as well as our success.

Kent Hughes. For many people, the word discipline evokes a sense of resistance—but Kent Hughes points out that the heart of spiritual discipline is a relationship with God.

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To understand contemporary Christian ideas about gender, and specifically masculinity, we need to go all the way back to the values that shaped Christian origins in the first century. The pattern across Greek, Roman and Jewish society was that men were the heads of households, and households were the primary economic unit. Women managed the internal affairs, while men managed the external ones. Read more: Evangelical churches believe men should control women.

Harold D. Edmunds is dedicated to helping others.

In addition, this handout that can be downloaded, printed, and shared. To watch the message that inspired this blog post, click the button below. Watch Message. Better is open rebuke than love that is concealed.

How I Helped My Boys to Become Christian Men

God gave me two boys to raise, Ransom and Justin. Ransom is now 14 years old and is already a Christian man. Justin is a Christian boy 12 years old, and is training to become a man before he is Something special.

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What does the Bible say about a strong Christian man? What does strength really look like in a godly man according to the Bible? The signs of a strong Christian man I will outline in this article relate to all Christians as well. But many men in our culture struggle in these specific areas, thus it is important to highlight these 4 signs so you can identity what a strong Christian man really looks like. A man who lacks strength will reveal this flaw through his lack of self-control.

5 Characteristics Of A Godly Man

One of the reasons many churches struggle is they're not a friendly place for men. Think about the worship service at your church. More than likely, there's a lot of talk about loving each other, but not much about fighting against sin or fighting for each other. There's holding hands when we sing, but not much locking arms as we get marching orders for the mission. Yes, I'm stereotyping. But, that's what I often hear from many critics of churches.

Mar 17, - The path of maturity for young men begins with finding their identity in Christ. “We need men in the church who are strong, dependable.


The True Steps to Becoming a Godly Man


How do I live and grow stronger as a Christian?






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