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How to find spouse name in vedic astrology

Searching life partner of choice is difficult now a days. In this busy, technical and materialistic world, everybody is worried about their future life partners because a correct choice of spouse makes life better professionally and personally. Searching for future life partner through astrology is sometimes weird, but it can be possible through in-depth astrological analysis. This is easy by our spouse analysis report which can help one to search his or her future life partner.

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Spouse Astrology-Looks|Profession|Nature|Status Of Wife or Husband Via Astrology

Time of marriage. Nature of marriage love or arranged. Quality of marriage good or bad. Nature of spouse. Looks of spouse. Wealth of spouse. Health of spouse. In laws description. Children's aspect. Details on any important finding in your horoscope. Last Updated on March 9, These aspects tend to modify due to the planetary association in a horoscope.

Also, planetary affliction may lead to negative results in this area of life. Same way all planets and zodiacs have a long list of a characteristic which is unique to them and these characteristics gets imparted to humans based on their Planetary positions. As per Vedic Astrology, your 7th house and its lord decide the basic results pertaining to marriage and spouse, although Aspects, Navamsha, D, Upapada Lagna, Nakshatra also have a say in the final result.

Now the basic characteristic of that Zodiac will be present in your spouse, for example, if Aries sign rules over the 7th house then the spouse will be Enterprising, Incisive, Spontaneous, Daring, Active, Courageous and Energetic, Aries are the proverbial infants, guileless and optimistic to the fault.

However, they also are impatient, impetuous, vain, proud and egoistic. They may also be liable to come across as selfish, jealous, coarse, ruthless and violent. Now as we know each zodiac have positive and negative qualities and here if zodiac lord of 7th house is auspiciously placed than positive qualities of that zodiac will be more pronounced in the spouse.

If the 7th lord is auspiciously placed in Fiery signs viz Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; then the spouse will be tall, good looking and will have a caring attitude towards you. Well-placed 7th lord in Fiery signs will give a spouse with a balanced approach towards life, the same time they will have high moral values. They make good parents and wants their kids to follow their religion.

Sometimes they can push their kids to make them excel over others. They make excellent parents especially considering the present era. They are good in finance management and always have money for emergencies. They love to spend on family outgoings. They can be jealous of their relatives and neighbors. They make good parents but are strict when it comes to studies of their children.

They are very aware of what they are spending for and have a tendency to hoard money. Their finance management is good for themselves but can irritate their better half or kids by being a miser sometimes. They are caring for relationships and can easily understand your needs. They make good parents and impart their knowledge to their kids.

They are not good at managing finance and have a tendency of spending over their limits. Usually, they will never have enough funds for emergencies. There is Yoga like Manglik Yoga which can affect marriage but it should not be applied blindly.

Compare the strength of the 1st and 7th house. If the 7th lord is powerful than 1st house lord then the spouse will be of higher status.

Also, the presence of raja yoga in navamsa also results in the spouse from the rich background. Following rules should be checked in order to check if you will get a rich spouse. Check Rajyoga and Dhanyoga in your navamsa, if strong Rajyoga and Dhanyog are present in your navamsa then your spouse will be rich. In general words, Rajyoga takes formation by the association of 1st,4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th houses and their lords.

Note: the relation between 9th and 10th house is the best Rajyoga. For example, in your navamsa, there might be the relation between 4th house and 9th house or between 7th house and 9th house. This will be called as a Rajyoga in navamsa. If you have these present in your chart it means that you have Raj. If such association exists in your chart, it means that you have Rajyoga in your navamsa.

I have done a separate series on these Special Rajyoga , which you can follow and apply on your horoscope and navamsha. Similarly relation between 2nd and 11th house lord with 1st,5th and 9th creates dhanyog in a horoscope and also check these in your navamsa too.

Best Dhanyoga comes from the Planetary relation between 2nd and 11th house lords. Also, placement of 7th lord in upachaya growth house is also an indicator of the spouse with a heavy pocket or heavier than yours. For working spouse, check in your birth chart if 7th house is making a connection with 2nd, 10th or 11th.

Not so long ago working spouse was not common in India but with modern needs of society, we can see women working in many fields and earning better than their spouses. Sometimes it might happen that things contradict in D-1 and D It means your birth chart might show working spouse but in D-9 combinations are not supportive for same. Now, what if D-1 does not show working spouse but D-9 holds clues for same.

Then in such cases spouse will have a job but good progress will come slowly with time. If combination exists in both D-1 and D-9 then it indicates a spouse with a good earning profession.

This color factor is always a cause of stress to our ladies of India. No surprise tv commercial is full of whitening creams and the matrimonial section of the newspaper are quite amusing while giving a description of brides. Though such compulsion is not applicable to men unless salary criteria are up to mark.

In order to find the color of spouse female should check their Jupiter placement and males should analysis their Venus placement. The Same concept should be applied to the seventh house and its lord also, the strongest of the seventh house, seventh lord and venus will decide the complexion of the spouse. Influence of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu over them results in the average looking spouse.

Love and Care in any relationship are seen through karaka of that relation. For example, Sun is karaka for father, if weak or afflicted it results in bad relation with father or miscommunication between them.

Similarly, if you want to know whether your spouse will be loving or caring then check following parameters. Venus is karaka of wife and Jupiter is for Husband, when well placed and under auspicious connection, especially by 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th house lords, then your spouse will take care of your needs and there will be mutual love and care. Check the condition of your 7th house because it rules over marriage and related affairs. Especially from the 6th lord influence of 6th house lord influence can make spouse cruel in nature, same holds true for malefic like Mars and Ketu when they afflict your 7th house or its lord.

Both Aries sign and planet Mars have fire tatwa in them. As mentioned in above paragraph, fire signs in 7th house give a tall spouse. This clearly shows Michelle Obama is tall and is blessed with an appealing and a commanding personality. Now, we have to consider other planetary effects on the 7th house or its lord. Here in Obama horoscopes, 7th lord mars are making a union with planet Rahu and Rahu have a planetary association with his 7th house also.

Michelle Obama has a prominent jaw which is due to Rahu aspect on 7th house of Barack Obama. If this Rahu was under planetary affliction than it would have given her gaps in her teeth. Second example here is of Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton is one of the most powerful people on whole earth. This example can be used for Status of the spouse also. Hillary Clinton has medium, round shoulder and plump appearance to some extent.

Bill Clinton Horoscope. This combination made Bill Clinton image very controversial and affected their marriage too. Though Mars and Venus aspect over 7th of Bill Clinton made her successful, courageous and lucky. You can see from his horoscope how Hilary was successful in her life. The third example which we can look belongs to Shahrukh Khan. In his horoscope 7th lord, Saturn is placed in own in the 7th house. Yogakaraka Mars aspect 7th house from 4th house, 7th house is also aspected by Jupiter from 11th house.

All these indicate a beautiful dusky spouse. This is how you can check the various aspects of your future spouse via your Horoscope and make sure you pay a special attention to navamsha. You can get your in-depth Horoscope analysis and for that, you have to email me on thevedichoroscope gmail.

You can know your chances of Love Marriage. All you have to do is order the report and I will make a fine analysis on it. Last Updated on March 9, Plz Rate. Michelle Obama. Barack Obama Horoscope. Hillary Clinton. Related Posts. Consult Today. No computer reports.

My future life partner. What Will My Future Life Be Like?

Guy and ladies is incomplete without each other. Marriage may be the union of a guy and ladies.? Everybody really wants to get an attractive spouse or even a good spouse. But most people are not fortunate. So we are often wanting to learn about future partner.

Although Spouse's prediction in astrology has the influence of multiple factors such as the sign of 7th house , Lord of 7th house and its position in the horoscope, planetary Aspects on the 7th house and the planet placed in 7th house. For Complete analysis, consult our expert astrologers now. Her voice is raucous and she is always ready to fight.

If we divide our life span into two parts then marriage obviously comes in the interval, it changes the story to some extent sometimes fully. Here comes the importance of a good partner. It is very simple if you get a good partner so your life would be happy and prosperous but if not then the only god knows and partly you also can imagine. Sometimes we call our partner soul mate. Will he come from a long distance or he or she is just near to you but you are unable to recognize?

Know your Spouse through Birth Chart

The 2nd house of D9 horoscope indicates native's spouse longevity information. This is one of the best indication of spouse characteristics in vedic astrology. Mars is is the significator of Anger, so when mars in 7th house spouse can be little bit head strong. Some time Navamsa is also known as Dharmamsa. One can understand the characteristics of the Spouse as well as quality of life of the spouse by examining the 7th house of the D-9 chart. Jun 29, Here we will discuss about how to predict spouse from Navamsa chart. Planets sitting in the 7th house, will impart their qualities to the Spouse or the Partner.

Nature of spouse from navamsa

Time of marriage. Nature of marriage love or arranged. Quality of marriage good or bad. Nature of spouse. Looks of spouse.

The leaves are not just records for Indian nationals but also for people of other nationalities, religions, and creeds.

N Born in in a traditional Madhva sampradaya Brahmin family from Surathkal near to Mangalore, belonging to Kashyapa Gotra, has deep interest towards occult sciences from the age of 12, studied Hindu Palmistry through a Guru when in 23 years of age. Took a serious interest in Jyotish during the age of 32 due to some tragic experiences in the family. Studied Jyotish individually through Shri B. Ramans books and to get spiritual experiences found a Guru in

Spouse Name Astrology Predictions - Search Name of life partner

Nowadays, most of the queries are related to relationships and problems in the marriage. People ask about their future with a particular person and they find solutions to improve their relationships. The trickiest part of astrology is exploring how to know your future husband name. This sounds weird but people do have a curiosity about this too.

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The 7th house of the astrology chart deals with your spouse. It will be ruled by a sign. Every sign is ruled by each planet. The planets ruled by each sign are given below:. If it is Taurus, then the 7th house will be ruled by Venus. Find where the ruler of the 7th house sits.

Finding Spouse Name

Spouse name prediction astrology and forecast of partner - Searching the future life partner name through astrology, sound weird, but it is possible through deep astrological analysis. We make it easier with spouse name search calculator which search your future wife or husband name initials, and you can call it the " First letter of spouse name astrology ". With this, you can know brief predictions about the life partner. We try to explain further what is ascendant and constellations. Actually, this life partner lookup calculator analysis some conjunctions between planets and constellations and tell you the most possible first letter of future life partner name through astrology. And, if you know your partner's name, why don't you try our Love Name Compatibility!

Aug 20, - Every planet is assigned a particular zodiac sign and yours will be reflected in your horoscope. You can match the planet, zodiac sign, and find.

It can figure out whether you is truly compatible with your loved one, or both are suffering from love issues by analyzing you two zodiac signs and planets. When the Sun is present in the 7th house- Your spouse will be golden fair in complexion and has an average height. Question 4: Is your name popular?

The Life Path 8 produces many powerful, confident and materially successful people. Depending on Mars position and strength ones behavior and urge to make relationship is defined. For further details or analysis, you may take paid consultancy via Best I am dating a girl who is divorced.

My chart goes below: Find all posts by MoonInAries First Letter Of Husband Name This only works if your culture is Hindi, and if the parents named you according to your moon naksatra, and your prospective husband's parents did the same. Find all posts by duenderoja. First Letter Of Husband Name but the thing is that nobody name their son name based on the birth nakshatras Find all posts by himanshul.

When a Person Reaches a marriageable age they become curious about their spouse.




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