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How to get a girl to kiss you in a club

Anyways I hope you get something from this field report. He was dressed with leather pants. A nice blazer, a shirt with a black tie and these Miami Vice wannabe, Euro trashy shades with a white frame. Jekyll glasses with a leopard print on the frame. What an idiot.

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How To Makeout With Girls in Bars

When you see a guy in a two-girl kiss, do you wish it was you between those lips? For those who have trouble kissing even one girl, this might sound like an unrealistic challenge.

And it might be. Center to our discussion today is something called preselection. The credit card company uses math to find people with decent enough credit scores and then offers these people a new credit card. Those people are preapproved based on math.

Well, preselection works like that, but with girls preapproving you for kisses and also sex and relationships. If a girl sees you with another girl, especially a pretty or even beautiful girl , her body will do all the calculations necessary and immediately get a little wet for you. You see, a girl needs to like something about you before even flirting with you much less offering up her lips or vagina.

And this can take time. She may be attracted when you approach her, but she needs to see how you act in the next few minutes. Are you the real deal? Then, she goes on a date with you and maybe starts to get really wet if you play it well. Instant wetness. There you are, kissing that gorgeous girl. Not much more work is necessary. You are preapproved for her pussy. This is preselection. First, you need to get one kiss from one girl.

It will make getting the two-girl kiss easier, because of preselection. You could get this initial "kiss credit" by bringing a girl with you and kissing her. That's the easiest way, of course, but assuming that's not a card in your deck, your first kiss of the night can happen instantly upon meeting a girl or after some time talking to one. It also helps to be in an atmosphere that is conducive to kissing strangers, such as bars and clubs.

Getting a quick makeout in these places usually follows a very strong sign of interest from her, and that's all it takes.

You can kiss her right then and there. Pull her toward you and go for it. Or, perhaps you are talking to her for 15 minutes, and now you both are holding hands or fondling each other.

Or there is some lustful eye contact that lasts way longer than it should. Holding hands. Lots of touching. Close proximity. Her body turned toward you. Lots of compliments from her. If any of these things are happening, a kiss is very likely to be well-received if you go for it. Getting that "kiss credit" from the first girl sets the landscape for everything that follows.

Make it visible for all to see. Find the second girl to kiss. Most of my double kisses have been between two friends. This depends on your ability to pick up another girl.

Follow the tips from Step 1 and apply them to the second girl. But getting them to both kiss you at the same time for that two-girl kiss requires Step 3. Most of the time, this will happen with friends of girl 1 or a girl who sees you kiss girl 1. Often, they have also seen you flirting with girl 1 and may even be flirting with you alongside her during a group discussion. Two girl kiss. Girl 1 is already primed with preselection. Seeing me kiss the other girl immediately drenches her panties.

Then, I triple down on that by taking that second kiss that the first girl sees and is now extra wet because of that new, insane preselection. Then, I go back to kissing the first girl. Then, I tell them to kiss each other. Or I will tell them to kiss each other after I kiss the second girl. If you wait, as they finish, grab them both by the waist and lean in the middle, and they will start kissing you. This chain combo of preselection is the key to getting the two girl kiss.

The first girl you kissed might be turned on by you kissing the second girl, but she also could get too jealous and go into auto-rejection. One begins to think she is no longer the apple of your eye as you keep giving this other girl more attention.

You bring the second girl over and then try to kiss girl 1, but she rejects you. Now, girl 2 might go cold on you, too. Just as preselection is a super powerful tool for wetness, it can cause a drought if you trigger negative preselection. That's when girls see you get rejected by another girl. The more extreme the rejection, the worse it looks.

And almost nothing is as embarrassing as getting rejected for a kiss. Then, the second girl, even if she was initially hesitant of the sexually tense situation, will melt for you. A great risk of a double kiss is that it succeeds. Having sex is our real goal. And in this case, sex with two girls. I mean, it makes sense that a two girl kiss can easily become a threesome, no? But only if you remember that a double makeout is a precursor to a threesome!

TFW you realize: "Why should this end here??? If you just want to kiss two girls together for the sake of it, all power to you! You're done. But after you do it a few times, it loses its novelty, and you remember that sex is always better than a kiss and sex often involves lots of tongue-smashing.

You used preselection to get yourself here. Keep going. Aim for the fricking moon. I thought it was in the bag, and it most certainly was not. Since the two-girl kiss is nothing more than one more step toward sex, treat it like an escalation window that you created. And in the realm of windows of opportunity to escalate the seduction and move it to the next stage, almost none are better than a two-girl kiss.

If the two girls just met, it may help to have a group conversation after the kiss and see how their chemistry works together. Did they just ride your testosterone-fueled rampage of compliance stacking? Or are they genuinely attracted to each other, too? Are they competitive or cooperative?

If the former, then you need to relax them and get them on the same page. Give them each equal attention and make it clear that you like them both. I was visiting a lover of mine and walking around town. She noticed the new girl and thought she was beautiful, so I approached her. After talking and inviting her out for a drink, I gave my lover a masterclass in seduction.

You start with five fingers up, representing five points you have left. We were all kind of eccentric folk, so we considered losing as winning in this game. As usual, I won pretty quickly. But what made this game more fun was that I made a rule before the game started. The first person with no fingers left gets kisses from the other two. First, I kissed my lover. It was a passionate and sexy kiss. She leaned over and began kissing me.

After tasting her lips for the first time, I pulled back. Then I flicked my eyes from girl to girl and back again, my eyes and smile alight with mischief. I found them making out with each other on their own when I took a bathroom break a few minutes later. I pulled not more than ten minutes later. The time was ripe, and so were they. And we had an amazing threesome that still gets my little papito happy when I conjure up the memory.

Best Way To Kiss A Girl In a Club

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How to Get a Two-Girl Kiss: 3 Easy Steps

You're out with your friends late at night, clubbing or bar-hopping, when your eyes suddenly come to rest on a girl sitting on one of the bar-stools, and you know immediately that you want to kiss her. Making out with a girl, especially in the night, is not that hard as you think, as long as you have confidence and are willing to take some risks. Test the waters by flirting with her, complimenting her, and breaking the touch barrier. If she flirts back with you and you think she might want to kiss, try looking at her lips and leaning in slightly. If she leans in too, go for the kiss. For more tips, including how to be more attractive to girls, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

How To Kiss Pretty Girls In A Club The Easy Way – Field Report

When you see a guy in a two-girl kiss, do you wish it was you between those lips? For those who have trouble kissing even one girl, this might sound like an unrealistic challenge. And it might be. Center to our discussion today is something called preselection.

When you kiss a girl for the first time… the raw energy that comes with it is tough to match. All of that sexual tension, electricity, and intrigue are finally resolved as her lips meet yours — it's a great feeling to experience.

Updated: March 29, References. Kissing a girl during a romantic slow song is a special experience. Set yourself up for success by doing your best to make sure she likes you enough to kiss you. If she agrees to dance with you, and lets you hold her close, make her feel special by singing to her or whispering how nice she looks.

How To Get a Girl to Kiss You

Brittani Williams began her foray into writing by happenstance when she was required to pen a play as an assignment. It was then that Brittani discovered her unbound imagination, creativity and the escapism rooted in great literature. Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry.

Gentlemen, if you are asking the question, "How do I get a girl to kiss me? To guys who already know the answer to this question, the answers are obvious. To those guys who have no clue, they will seem like secrets that are worth their weight in gold. Here's the key:. Girls do not do the kissing.

The Secret of How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

Reader Mail Time! I love your blog. The field reports are to the point but written without a lot of pua lingo. One question I have, how do you get over that physical barrier from touching on the arm, to kissing? So the question is how to make out with girls you just met in party environment. Now for practical application. You need to start with plenty of touching.

In his experience, confidence sharing with women always led to getting naked. He was an open If you get it wrong, you give me a kiss.” She scooted away  Kylie Gilmore - - ‎Fiction.








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