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How to get your boyfriend back pranks

This year, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it has been recommended that people need to play safe pranks. The people need to ensure that Coronavirus is not a part of any of their pranks. People also should make sure that pranks are safe and are not hurting the sentiments of anyone. One of the best people that you can pull your pranks on is your boyfriend. Check out these April fool ideas for boyfriend.

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34 Boyfriend Pranks

Everyone loves making their significant other laugh. One great way to make your loved one chuckle is playing a prank on them. From rearranging your house to writing a surprising note, there are plenty of great pranks to play on your loved one. These pranks are all clever, cute, and gut-bustingly hilarious. If you want to play a funny prank on your partner, these couple pranks are sure to give you some good ideas.

These pranks are all hilarious and amazingly well thought-out! At first glance, nothing seems strange about this image—it simply looks like a shot of an empty sink. This man told his wife he did the dishes, and then simply placed a photo of an empty sink on top of the dirty dishes. It probably would have taken him less time just to do the dishes, but we applaud his dedication to pranking his significant other. This man decided to prank his girlfriend by pretending to cut off a piece of her hair.

He got a blond extension, held it against the back of her head, and then pretended to cut it. But once her shock wore off, she decided to get her boyfriend back by pretending to be furious. This woman decided to take this prank a step further by putting googly eyes on every item in her fridge while her husband was sleeping. For variety, she also drew on some of the eyes, giving the items lots of character.

To prove his point, the man taped a knife to their turtle. The turtle with a knife might not scare intruders away, but it would give them a good shock. The man filled their shower with toast before his wife walked in, creating the perfect dad joke! Whenever this man has to go out-of-town for work, he leaves notes for his wife.

Usually, these notes are sweet love notes. But one day, the man decided to go for a funny prank instead. Check out all the images here. The man took this opportunity and ran with it, cutting the sandwich into two elaborate shapes. He posted fliers around town, asking people to call his wife and do their best Chewbacca roar.

As this woman drove to work one day, everyone around her kept honking and waving. But then, she got to work and found the note her prankster husband had left on her bumper. He found a mug with a handle that looked a lot like a ring. Then, he put the mug in a box, with just the handle facing up so it looked like a ring. This woman was touched when her boyfriend said he was making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

When she got to the table, she learned he had decided to make hearts that were anatomically correct! One of the easiest ways to surprise your significant other is to place something behind the shower curtain. This husband decided to pull a classic behind-the-shower-curtain prank on his wife, and he chose to hide a cardboard cutout of Star Trek character Worf. This man decided to get very creative when he mowed the lawn one summer day. This lawn is truly heroic! This man printed out a photo of his face, placed it inside a jar, and then filled the jar with green water.

The result: a funny prank and a very scary Halloween decoration. This man saw his girlfriend writing in a new diary, and he asked her if he could see. When he looked at what she wrote, he was very surprised. It definitely seems like this is a dummy diary! If you want to truly shock your partner, check out this broken glass prank. This funny, realistic-looking prank is sure to make anyone do a double-take. But when she gave it back, he was shocked to see she had bitten off the bottom part of the cone.

This woman is on the shorter side, and so when she asked her boyfriend to install her mirror, she expected him to place it low on the wall. But her boyfriend decided to do a funny prank and place it so high up, all she could see was her forehead. Technically, the man did get what he asked for! We love this cute and funny prank idea. The man took those instructions and ran with them, creating the most generic party of all time.

Check out all of the hilarious images from this generic party here. Every time she stepped on the scale, the man put his foot on it. The wife kept getting on and off the scale for seven minutes while the nurse laughed. Finally, the woman realized what was going on behind her. Then, the man left for work, not knowing about his new tattoo. His wife ended up making him a hilarious and very detailed needlepoint that referenced the classic video game Oregon Trail.

The man loved it! We hope she made some delicious treats for herself with the flour! And so, the man got the biggest pillow he could find and gave it to his wife. She was a good sport about it, and she even posed for this hilarious photo that shows just how big the pillow is. A crafty woman decided to prank her boyfriend by creating a bug silhouette out of paper. She placed the silhouette in a lamp and waited for her significant other to get home. It took a while for her to find the cornstarch, but when she did she laughed!

This man got his pup to help him play a funny prank on his girlfriend. For Christmas, this man bought his wife a nice necklace. When the worker at the store asked if he wanted it gift wrapped, the man decided to play a little prank, and he told the worker to make the gift wrap look as horrible as possible.

The worker played along, and he did some truly terrible gift wrapping. The man eagerly headed down to the kitchen for breakfast…and found two pieces of French toast cereal waiting for him. Back Next. Back Next Use the buttons or your keyboard arrow keys to navigate.

178 Hilarious Pranks By Couples Who Are Not Afraid To Test Their Relationship

How much ever we grow up, we can never stop playing pranks, especially if the person is your boyfriend! Relationships start to get boring and dull after a while. So instead of getting bored, play a few harmless pranks on your beau to keep things interesting. Has he been playing a lot of pranks on you lately?

They say that the couple that plays together, stays together. We absolutely love a pair who can laugh at themselves and each other, and it just brings them even closer.

The Cyber Comedy section of the book is an international camaraderie between a man and a woman. No this is not a romance story, nor a spy thriller; but do hold on to your hats just the same cos they will pick your pockets and you will want to give them all you have just to keep them telling you more and more. I guarantee one thing if nothing else, you will laugh and then some but dont take my word, read on!!! He still works part time at a local Home Depot Store where he can hone his skills as a standup comedian. He tells his stories to anybody who is willing to listen in hopes it will prepare him for that big day when he can go on stage and get more than just minimum wage.

10 Digital Pranks That Will End Your Relationship

Think of it as getting him back for remote control-related offenses, or regular failure to replace the toilet paper roll throughout the year. Or maybe you just know he could use a good laugh. If your guy is a couch commando, use April 1 as an occasion to get him back for all the times he seized control of the remote when you wanted to watch something else on TV. You of course will know just where it is since you moved it last night while he was sleeping! Just let him know where it actually is before he reports the car stolen though, okay? Carefully remove Oreo cookies from their package and replace the cream filling with another edible white substance like mayo! From there, change the autocorrect feature so it replaces an ordinary word he commonly uses with something else. Prepare a fake spill in advance by mixing white glue with a convincing color of paint — say pink in a bottle of nail polish, or brown in a cup of coffee. Then turn your chosen vessel on its side onto a plastic baggie or wax paper surface and let it dry. Try replacing the sugar with salt for a rather rude surprise as he tastes his morning coffee.

20 Awesome Yet Harmless Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend

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Rachel Lee never thought she'd fight for the right to clean toilets. But when a rival cleaning business starts stealing her mom's clients, Rachel will do whatever it takes to save herself the horror of moving to Connecticut—which would mean giving up her almost, sort of boyfriend, her fantastic new pastry classes, and her best friend Marisol.

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline. Some people can have a hard time letting go of a past relationship, be it down to a bad break-up or pure spite. A woman said she called her ex-boyfriend pretending his new partner was pregnant purely to scare him.

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Everyone loves making their significant other laugh. One great way to make your loved one chuckle is playing a prank on them. From rearranging your house to writing a surprising note, there are plenty of great pranks to play on your loved one. These pranks are all clever, cute, and gut-bustingly hilarious. If you want to play a funny prank on your partner, these couple pranks are sure to give you some good ideas.

8 Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks for Boyfriends

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Love is patient; love is kind, prank your husband every time. This short little rhyme should probably give a good hint about what we are going to be talking in this post. Nope, not relationship goals , but close to that - how to prank your significant other! Good pranks are what keeps the long-term relationships alive and well well, not only hoaxes, there are a couple more nuances to it , so we have compiled the best of the best pranks to play on your dearest.

Mar 31, - Here are some of the funniest April Fool pranks for boyfriend that can You boyfriend will surely be nervous and you will have a hard time trying to control your laughter. This is again a very simple prank that you can play.

Does your man love a good laugh or is he constantly on the look out for silly pranks and fun gag gifts? Best Present Guide brings you a list of some hilarious, fun and bizarre gifts that either make him laugh, or help him pull a prank on someone else. If you've run out of new ideas for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or just want to give him something fun, look no further! While choosing a gift for your boyfriend, you might think that anything funny will work.

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