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How to get your friends to vote

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When you enter contests of skill , like photo, recipe, or writing contests, you might think that once you create an outstanding entry, your work is done and you can simply sit back and find out if you've been chosen as a winner. Many creative contests use voting to help determine their winners. Some use a voting system to narrow down the pack and pick finalists to be judged. Others go the opposite way, with judges picking finalists and a vote determining the winner. And of course, some contests do away with judges altogether, and simply let voters pick the winners outright. That means that if you want to win creative contests, you need to have a strategy to gather votes.

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How to Register to Vote

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And during Presidential elections, our people show up. But midterms? Sadly, a lot of us stay home and as Michelle Obama recently put it at a voter registration rally, we let grandma pick out our politicians for us. So why should our generation leave it up to Baby Boomers and older Americans to pick out the politicians who will directly impact how our lives look moving forward.

Whether we go to war. Whether our access to abortion, a legal medical procedure, becomes basically impossible. Here in Colorado, one candidate running for governor, Jared Polis, is running on a strong platform for public education and providing access to publicly funded pre-school for all of Colorado.

As much as I love my grandmother, do you think she cares about any of that? Pretty sure her days of worrying about unexpected pregnancies are behind her. In our last midterm election, older generations cast 21 million more ballots than us.

And listen, I get it. But local politics make huge difference on a ton of state and federal regulations. But today I want to talk about all of those friends of ours who might need a little more help getting it together. So share your experience, behind-the-scenes style. The idea here is to invite people into the process. So give your friends some FOMO — the fear of missing out!

Take the guesswork out of it, by sharing concise candidate run-downs with your friends — like, now. Share concise resources from trusted sources like your local NPR station or nonpartisan sources like Vote Talk about the candidates and ask your friends about where they stand.

Sometimes the most persuasive thing you can share is your reasoning and your values behind your voting decisions. So ask your friends — when are you going to cast your ballot? Do you want to go together? How are you going to get there? Hint: Uber and Lyft are offering free and discounted rides to the polls this year. If not asked, they might otherwise forget about a conflict that could keep them from getting to the polls that day. The Job Search have you feeling frustrated? Learn more and book Emilie to speak at your next event at wwwEmilieAries.

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How to Vote

That record high was … 31 percent. That means that nearly 70 percent of eligible voters under 30 stayed home. Earlier in Fixes, I wrote about what the United States could do to raise voter turnout : make voter registration automatic, hold elections on Sundays — things almost every mature democracy does. A healthy democracy needs more participation in general.

You've made it through approximately debates, thousands of soundbites, endless nasty mudslinging, and multiple forests worth of campaign mailers to finally land on the person you want to vote for for president. Now, you just need to convince other people to throw their support behind your candidate.

When you find yourself with a group of friends trying to make a decision and it's hard to balance everyone's opinions, use VoteUp to quickly figure out how the whole group feels. Voters don't have to choose a favorite or rank their choices: they just honestly mark how much they like each option. While your friends are voting, add new options or new voters they suggest. Close the poll, share the results, and move on to whatever you're doing.

This is How to Convince Your Friends to Vote

Learn how to become a relational organizer and gain invaluable experience while organizing your community. Interested in more? Check out internships and career opportunities here. Young people face unique challenges that result in lower participation and voting rates and a lack of representation in our democracy. We empower them to get involved, register and vote and we fight to protect their freedom to vote. Get a How-To Guide that helps you plan your voter registration drive from start to finish. Get a How-To Guide to help plan a debate watch party to learn more about the candidates.

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It goes without saying that voting is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans. There are tons of things you can say to your friends and family to persuade them to vote. One of the biggest findings in behavioral science is that humans are motivated to do what other people around them are doing. Take this study, where researchers tested five different letters asking participants to vote ex.

Whether you're fired up about immigration issues , protecting health care coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, or preserving your reproductive rights or, obviously, all of the above and more , you know that your vote isn't the only one that matters on election day. That's why it's just as important to do what you can to get your friends to the polls as well.

And during Presidential elections, our people show up. But midterms? Sadly, a lot of us stay home and as Michelle Obama recently put it at a voter registration rally, we let grandma pick out our politicians for us.

Get Involved

Benjamin Bowman does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. A record breaking 3. All in all, two-thirds of applications came from young people aged 35 and under.

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Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly. Visit Vote. You can register in person with your state or local election office. You may also be able to register at one of these nearby public facilities. Check with the actual location first.

How to Actually Get Your Friends to Vote


Young people can change the general election – here's how to get your friends to vote. December 10, am EST. Benjamin Bowman, Manchester.


It Takes a Friend to Get a Friend to Vote


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