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How to look good with long hair for guys

Even thin hair, when worn long, can give off the appearance of a full ish head of hair. Then, Study Abroad in Athens Me blonde hair sophomore year. Me bangs! Guys should have as many ways to express their changing self as women do with their appearance. Think of all the long-locked celebrities women are totally crushing on these days.


How to Take Care of Long Hair (For Guys)

Above, we list our dedicated long hairstyle guides, which you can visit for specific styling tips for your face shape. Unlike regular wax, it offers a very loose hold and natural finish. In fact, there are lots of types of mousse that help boost volume and condition the hair too.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that you regularly condition your hair so that it has plenty of natural volume. Living proof produces an excellent full thickening mousse , which works from the roots and brings life to your hair.

This mousse can really boost dull long hair at any stage of its growth. Healthy hair is sexy whatever your gender or sexual orientation. Natural Swept Back. To learn more about a particular hairstyle, head to the guides above. Otherwise, for more general tips on growing and caring for long hair, read on! Growing your hair long requires only one thing and that is considerable patience. These can consist of magic potions and regular brushing, but there is little evidence that these work at all.

The only advice we can offer here is to be patient, grasshopper. The barber will likely find an excellent temporary style that will help it grow into what you want. It neatens the finish and keeps the hair clean. Otherwise, all that hard work might end up being for nothing! Creams and oils in small amounts can be used for extra shine and volume.

Furthermore, they can be applied for styling and to give the wearer some extra control when he wants to brush it in a particular way. Just be mindful not to use too much to avoid appearing like a seagull caught in an oil spill. Making sure that your hair is as healthy as it is clean requires the appropriate amount of washing. And contrary to popular belief, shampooing is probably a lot less frequent than you think.

In fact, only a very small portion of people actually need to shampoo on a daily basis. For example, people with fine hair, an oily scalp, living in humid areas or exercise a lot may need to shampoo daily. The scalp produces a natural oil called sebum that nourishes and protects the hair. Shampoo works by trapping oils. Therefore, if you use it too frequently, the result leaves you with very dry hair, which breaks and tangles.

Men with short hair can get away with daily shampooing because the scalp needs less time to replenish it with oils. However, men with long hair need to find that balance, which is often no more than three or four times a week.

Whilst shampoo cleans the hair by essentially stripping it of oils, conditioner replenishes it. Again, this is something that may cause men to turn their nose up but conditioner is absolutely vital if you want to keep your long hair looking healthy.

Remember that long hair is supposed to look dignified on a man and not wilting like a dying indoor plant!

The Ancient Egyptians were one of the first notable civilisations to crop or even shave their heads. The symbolic duality of long hair set against short hair is prevalent throughout our short history. Roman men considered personal grooming to be a hallmark of a sophisticated civilisation. However, the common man would prefer the social environment of the Tonstrina or barbershop.

Conversely, the Gauls believed that long, braided hair indicated status and good health. Throughout the Middle Ages, hair length would fluctuate according to the fashions of the time.

Frank kings such as Charlemagne would famously grow impressive and wavy manes, which were typically associated with power. Merovingian kings would prefer death before a humiliating haircut, which indicated the loss of their claim to the throne.

With the Renaissance came a period of Greco-Roman revival. The hair would start to be cropped shorter again for its association with a cultured civilisation. Henry VII, for example, would have the hair cut to just below the ear. Across the channel, however, Louis XIII of France sought to conceal his premature baldness and the wig began to appear.

Perukes or periwigs would endure the 17th Century among the privileged. However, the common man could only grow his hair long with a small ponytail at the back. However, in late 18th Century UK, white hair powder started being taxed. Aristocrats such as the Duke of Bedford retaliated by cropping their hair short in protest. Nevertheless, the styles have since given birth to iconic revisionist looks, which can be seen in film and TV.

Before execution, aristocrats would have the hair shorn off at the back so the guillotine would work its magic unimpeded. The second half of the 20th Century witnessed the return of long hair.

Up until the early s, long-haired men have been negatively associated with social outcast stereotypes from an outdated era. However, that number has surely increased in more recent years.

Nevertheless, with the rise of the Man Bun and Top Knot, long hair has experienced its overdue renaissance. Long hairstyles for men can come in many forms. Most barbers recognise that long hair is no less than 6 inches in length. It can be neat, clean and properly groomed. Alternatively, it can be left to follow its natural course for a dishevelled look.

Hi I actually compiled a list of hair styles for anyone looking to change things up.. If your hair becomes dry so soon after washing, you might not be conditioning enough. Aussie is really popular in France and quite easy to find in most supermarkets. Finally, after drying your hair with a towel following a shower, blow dry it while brushing it back. It should stop falling forward so much.

Hi, Your tips are really helpful and interesting. I am having long hair,doing yoga on almost regular basis also smoke very less. I am bit confused which would be best conditiner and shampoo for me. I am bit connected to natural herbal things, I am from India.

If you resonate more with natural products, I would recommend using Aleppo soap as a shampoo. It lathers very well and performs as a reliable shampoo. Hi, Loving your website and the tips. Im just wondering, since I have a bit of a flat head and its large, what would be the ideal hairstyle I go for?

My hair is straight. I am trying the swept back but it just accentuates the flatness even more. Opt for something that produces height and texture. For instance, a faux hawk would be an excellent choice. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Otherwise, jump straight to a section using the links above. View Top How To Shampoo Long Hair Making sure that your hair is as healthy as it is clean requires the appropriate amount of washing. What Next?

Personal Grooming Contents. Aidan henry July 18, at am - Reply. Thanks for this post! This are awesome tips for long hairstyle. Charles-Philippe July 18, at am - Reply.

Thanks, Aidan! Much appreciated! Best, CP. Fenn January 26, at am - Reply. Paul Anthony July 27, at am - Reply. Kanishk November 16, at pm - Reply. Charles-Philippe November 19, at am - Reply. Hi Kanishk, How often do you wash your hair?

Do you always follow up with conditioner? Charles-Philippe March 9, at pm - Reply. Pawan Kumar December 8, at pm - Reply. Charles-Philippe December 10, at am - Reply. Hi Pawan, If you resonate more with natural products, I would recommend using Aleppo soap as a shampoo. Josh March 14, at am - Reply.

How to Grow Your Hair Out

While the ubiquity of the man bun looks to soon be a thing of the past, long hair on men will never go completely out of style. After all, if you're lucky enough to be blessed with a luxuriant mane, why not let those locks flow free? But then the question remains; how do you style it if you do? Below is a look at 10 celebrities with long hair that will provide a roadmap for growing your coif out.

Above, we list our dedicated long hairstyle guides, which you can visit for specific styling tips for your face shape. Unlike regular wax, it offers a very loose hold and natural finish.

Lucky you. Now you must choose a style and learn how to style and maintain it if you are to look more Winterfell warrior than waif and stray. Which is helpful, given that with big hair comes big commitment. A great deal of this comes down to arming yourself with the right tools, including a shampoo and conditioner designed to lock in moisture, and a saw-cut, flat tooth comb to prevent tangles.

The Best Long Hairstyles For Men 2020

If you're a guy with long hair, you might not know where to start when it comes to hairstyling. Well, worry no longer: with some product, a hairbrush brush, and a few rubber bands, you can tame even the unruliest of manes. Make sure you choose a hairstyle that works with your natural texture and curl. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, you can keep your long hair sleek and healthy. If your hair is curly, try parting it in the middle and wearing it loose for a low-maintenance style. You can add a small amount of hair mousse to get rid of any frizziness, and apply a curl-defining cream to make your curls stand out even more. Alternatively, style your hair without product if you want a more natural look. Simply brush it into the style you want and use bobby pins to hold it in place. For tips from our Beauty co-author on how to grow your hair long, read on! Did this summary help you?

An Argument for Long Hair on Guys

A well-maintained head of long hair can look fantastic on any guy. But, as you could guess, taking care of a long hairstyle can be a bit of a chore. This is especially true for men who are more accustomed to taking care of shorter hair, which tends to require a lot less TLC. Because hair health starts at the roots, prior to growing out your hair fully, it's important that you be taking care of it. Like most anything, proper maintenance is critical to keeping your long hair in top condition.

Longer hairstyles for men, from chin to beyond shoulder length, are a popular and attractive look.

A full head of hair is a sign of your health and good genes, so why to hide this treasure from the world? Longer locks on men often look non-trivial and sexy, of course, when they are cared for. Here are 50 effortless and eye-catching styles for men who opt to sport their long stately locks with style. The best everyday hairstyle we can successfully adopt is the one that is supported by the natural texture of our hair.

How To Style Men’s Long Hair: Long Hair Styles For Men

You can only rock the same crew cut or high and tight for so long, until you wonder what life is like on the other side. What is it like to have long hair? And let us tell you: Yes, it is so nice to do these things.

Hollywood locks have been getting longer, with short cropped cuts giving way to wavy, textured mops. And the fact that long hair is popping up everywhere shows that this is where things are heading. However, for all their benefits, trailing tresses are noticeably trickier to maintain than a classic military haircut. These are them. Hawaiian hunk Jason Momoa stole hearts and probably a load of girlfriends when he broke through playing Dothraki hardman Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

11 Guys With Long Hair Who Actually Look Good

The whole point is to let your mane rage, right? To throw a middle finger to the proverbial man and his sculpted business buzz or, more likely nowadays, his clean menswear fade. For instance: You have to strike the right balance between patiently letting your hair grow read: ignoring it , and paying enough attention that it grows out the right way which means going for the occasional trim. What do I know about hair? Well, I have it. Know thy hair and know thyself, basically. But how do you get to the length you see here in the first place?

How to Choose the Best Men's Long Hairstyle for Every Day? Punk hairstyles look good on straight hair and suggest heavier layering with a spiky finish.


23 Men With Long Hair







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