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My boyfriend and i fight when we drink

Home Family Relationships. Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. It starts with a mild complaint like "You didn't do the dishes. It's the "selfish, lazy" label that hurts the most. He can only come back with attacks on you.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. This story was originally published on February 27, Waking up and realizing you got in a drunken fight with your partner can feel worse than the physical wrath of taking dozens of tequila shots. There's the reminders that you said something really out of line, the feeble attempts to take back what you said, and the guilt of knowing that you really didn't mean to sob and yell at your loved one on the sidewalk in front of all your friends.

Not familiar with this? Bless you. Why do we do this? And if there's too much dopamine, your stress, fear, and anxiety responses become blocked and you do whatever you damn want, like get into fights with your loved ones. This gets dangerous if it becomes a pattern: "If you need alcohol to speak your truth, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed," she says. If these sort of intoxicated battles become a theme in your relationship, Wilson says you might want to seek professional help.

Here are a few ways to deal with the aftermath of one drunken fight. Figure out what actually happened. Don't put too much weight in your fragmented memory or subtle clues when piecing together what happened, Wilson says. One study found that most people rely on their friends to fill in the blanks after blacking out, which ends up leaving them with unreliable sources and false memories.

It's also important to listen to how your partner feels about the argument you had, not just what they say happened. Strip the fight down to its actual content. The adage, "drunken words are sober thoughts," is really only half true.

And underlying issues that you have as a couple can be exacerbated when you're intoxicated, she says. In other words, even though you spiraled after seeing your partner talk to someone else at the bar and you wouldn't have brought it up sober , you shouldn't ignore the fact that it made you upset.

Notice if there's an underlying theme to your arguments, and talk to your partner when you're sober about how you can tackle those issues. Be patient. Resist the temptation to roll over in bed and spew out apologies when you're still drunk, because oftentimes you're not fully prepared to take the blame for your actions yet, so this can backfire into an even more emotional dispute. Alcohol breeds guilty feelings, too, so that can screw with how you view what actually happened and whether or not it warrants an apology.

Your partner might need some time and space to cool off, so the best you can do is offer up a listening ear, be patient, and respect your partner's feelings when they are ready to talk, she says. Forgive yourself. Ultimately, what you said and the way you said it was probably a mistake. But beating yourself up about it won't help you take steps to remedy the situation so you and your partner can forgive each other. After apologizing and making peace with your significant other, try your best to let the incident go and move on.

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Drinking with your partner could mean an evening in with a takeaway and the telly, or a night out at a nice restaurant. Drink too much however, and you could find your night ruined by an argument that neither of you really want. Late-night disagreements may often be resolved in the morning, but they can grow into relationship-threatening resentments. Alcohol works on the brain to lower our inhibitions which may make you feel more confident and less anxious. But those lower inhibitions can also make you accidentally say or do something that you may come to regret.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. This story was originally published on February 27,

Men told her that her drinking was unattractive even if they drank to the same extent. Some men judged her; others took advantage. After cutting back a little, the Sober Alley founder met someone who enjoyed drinking as much as she did. They bonded over their shared pasts and, eventually, got married. Years later, when McCormick decided to quit drinking altogether because it was hindering her work and day-to-day life, her husband had a hard time understanding why.

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If he yelled at you first then maybe it is more his problem when you drink, were you both be irrational or was it just one of you? Alcohol can really bring out the worst in people, unlike many other drugs it tends to make you aggressive and heighten your emotional swings. If not, I think you should let it go. Too much alchohol will really mess up your memory of the events and what was said. Take the first step, go give your Fiance a hug and start talking about what happened last night. I so hear you girl. We are fine drinking at home when we have people over, or if we go to another place, but those bars are bad news bears sometimes. There was no excuse for him to have his arm around another girl — especially an ex. I would be furious especially if he got so defensive about it.

(Closed) does anyone fight with their FI when they drink? VENT

Breaking up is hard to do. If you and your partner have been together for ages, it might seem like the worst thought ever to have to go back to being single. If you are constantly fighting with your SO about big things — like fidelity, money, marriage, life goals, jealously, and the like — now might be the right time to examine whether the relationship is truly working. Will it be difficult?






How do you handle alcohol-fueled fights with your spouse? Every time my spouse drinks too much, it leads to a fight—either at the bar or on the way home.








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