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What to get a 6th grade girl for her birthday

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When it comes to tween gifts for kids 8 to 12, you can get a novelty gift, go retro, or geek out. Take a look at some items that are recommended by parents of tweens and, most importantly, approved by tweens. These gift-giving ideas can be great for a birthday, Christmas , Hanukkah, or any other special event. Novelty gifts make great tween gifts and are often reasonably priced.

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23 Gifts to Help Your 11 Year Old Get Through 6th Grade

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Updated daily, check out our " Best Sellers " list to see what toys and games are trending! We travel the world searching for quality, innovative toys and games.

We are not just a seller of toys Looking for a truly unique gift? Check out our Name Store for original and thoughtful personalized gifts! Reggie the Pigeon dreams of a life in the circus as a high wire acrobat. Now he needs your help to perfect 12 poses to "land" his dream job. Players must master the 12 unique poses and be the first to make it to the end of the line. Unlike any other g.

They get better at each of the sturdy birdy poses each time and you can make it more difficult along the way. It's also a fun game for adults to participate in and see how good your balance is too! Acuity is the clever matching game of quick visual perception where players race against each other to discover and match hidden patterns. Used during two gaming sessions thus far. Able to quickly teach the rules and let kids play. Drew a crowd around the tiles with everyone trying to find a match.

Tiles are sturdy and should last a long time, even with use in a library. Brainteasers Games. It's ping pong without the table! Attach the clamp to any doorframe, turn the dial to adjust the string length, and then swing your paddle to serve up hours of excitement. Coordination, concentration, playful cooperation - Active fun sends your skills. Active Play Games. Throughout the full-color book, young explorers get to learn about the history and how-to of jump rope through an exciting short story, amazing facts, jokes, and more.

Then they get to make their own custom jump rope! Get your brain cranking! Build a puzzle solution between the red gear and the yellow wheel. When the gear teeth interlock, you'll be able to turn the wheel and send the whole contraption spinning!

He does very well with the beginner and medium. He loves the challenge of the harder ones. Are there more "cards" to purchase so he has more challenges? Download the app, follow the step-by-step instructions, and use the 18 cans of colorful clay to build 6 unique animal figurines.

As kids create, they learn useful techniques - Pretty soon they can't wait to try inventing their own amazing creatures! All the kids have really enjoyed working with the clay, even my son who I would not describe as someone who enjoys arts and being creative. Definitely recommend the companion app especially if you are not creative as it gives an easy step-by-step guide to create the animals, monsters etc.

The clay is soft, yet moldable and easy to manipulate. Best part for parents - easy clean up! The ultimate safe for all your most valuable treasures! At the top is a slot for coins and money while inside is a slide-out coin tray plus all the storage space you could need.

And the best part - Everything's held extremely secure with TWO different. He really likes having a place to keep his money and treasures. The only thing I would change is that I would make it a little larger. Playroom and Bedroom Furnishings. Designed with a comfortable pillow seat and fabric sides that nearly wrap all the way around, this unique swing provides kids with the perfect, coziest hideout for reading, napping, or just hanging around.

Escape into the sky with the Sky Nook. I'm sure he will love it. It will hang in his bedroom and will be his very own "hide-out" from his older sister. He opened it here at Grammie's and had giggles when Daddy swung him in circles. It looks very comfortable and well made.

Moving from one challenge card to the next, it's up to you to fold this connected collection of sixteen colorful gears into the perfect positions that match each image. Two ways to play - Colors or black and white - launch you into a higher gear of thin. Think it would be more appropriate for a ten year old or above. The pieces are a little tough for small hands and my grand daughter 'didn't get it. The included soil, quick-germinating seeds, and detailed instructions make it easy for kids to plant and grow beautiful flowers atop and around the comfy flowerpot cottage.

Meanwhile, the included doll and accessories let imaginative play flourish as th. The package arrived at our doorstep in great condition and I took off the labels, addressed it to the family in Italy, and mailed it to them.

Thus I can't actually rate the item, but do know that everyone at Fit Brain was very helpful, trying to get the package to An APO box, and finally mailing it to me when the mailing couldn't go thru. Thank you all! Little chefs can't wait to help out in the kitchen with an apron colored by their own creativity. Just grab the four included markers, color it any way you want, and then cook up hours of play-chef fun!

Needless to say I was the best aunt ever when she got this present. My sister in-law said she "has to" wear her apron every time someone is in the kitchen so she can help. Combining familiar parts, cutting edge design, and a 21st-century approach to collaboration, The OffBits system brings a unique new twist to classic construction fun.

Delve into the "nuts and bolts" of character-building creativity! Although a little smaller than I expected, it has big play value. My grandson loved it and quickly learned how versatile it is. I will be buying more of these. Each set comes with vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Follow the templates to transform the tiny pixel puzzle pieces into either four mini designs or one GIANT design. Or, get creative and invent your own unique design!

I haven't gotten to play with them with the boys yet cause they took them on vacation with them. They each showed me their created designs they had made before leaving on their trip.

I cant wait to create with them too. Detailed, illustrated instructions guide young magicians through an exciting variety of amazing magic tricks that are each based on another natural phenomenon. It's a brilliantly FUN way to get kids excited about scientific exploration and learning! But once you do all the experiments, it's done. So as a toy it isn't really long lasting or reusable. Following the simple photo instructions, young learners will have an easy time sewing, stuffing, and gluing together their own adorable plush penguin.

Plus, they'll get to read the full-color book packed with amazing facts! This rolling, bouncing, banking, stacking, nesting game is great for everyone from kids to teens to adults! Just set up the boxes according the challenges printed on each box and then bounce the balls from box to box to try and land the perfect shot.

Using nothing but the two patterned shapes and the included mirror, it's up to you to try and recreate the wild and weird images printed on each of the 31 challenge cards. Stretch your brain to become a true mirror master! From the makers of Squigz comes Stick Six, a sticky game of suction, light strategy, and a race to pop six in a row! Get your plans in order: you'll be popping here and popping there as you lay out a few options to Stick Six of your own Discover hours of mind-expanding wonder!

My child likes it the intended recipient and so does my wife. Lots of pattern possibilities". Each player has three colorful ribbons attached to his or her wristband.

The rules are simple: Snatch your opponents' ribbons before they snatch yours. Lunge, grab, and dodge as quickly and cleverly as you can. The last ninja standing wins the game! Active Play Games Outdoor Toys.

The fun starts with an adventure as kids follow Bethany the Bee in her first flight outside the hive. Forget riding the horse — Become the horse! The raised height makes kids feel tall like a horse while the concave underside makes every step they take sound just like clopping horseshoes. It's a great way to inspire hours of active, imaginative p. His mom even tried them out.

Her feet were a little big but she still had fun clomping around the house. We happened to have snow the weekend I gave it to him and he had fun making hoof prints in the snow. Mix the colors anyway you want and then start painting the included birdhouse with whatever unique designs and patterns you can imagine.

The 20 best Christmas gifts for girls!

Top Birthday Gifts for Tween Girls Any present with her name on it usually makes the best-gifts-for-tween-girls list. Girls between the ages of love personalized presents such as jewelry and gear for home or school. Peruse our tween girl gifts to find fun bedroom bean bags, cool backpacks, and birthstone necklaces - all gifts that come with free personalization.

I just hate wasting money on gifts that end up getting ignored or donated a few months later, so I always try to find the perfect presents. Quite a few of these gifts are inexpensive, and all of them are things that will be used and enjoyed. Please note all links are affiliate links to Amazon, which means if you click through and purchase I will receive a small commission, but it does not change your price.

My daughter turned 12 this year. Check out these gifts for tween girls that she and her friends help me put together. You might be under the impression that socks are like the worst gift ever. But times have changed. So, fun socks are always safe a gift.

Best Gift Ideas for 13-Year-Old Girls

It was so easy to buy my kids toys when they were younger, but when they became middle schoolers I had no idea what they wanted! I found gifts to encourage creativity, learning, self-discovery, reading, healthy eating, parent-child connection, and outdoor play. Lego is such a great toy for learning about building. This art set really is deluxe. It has oil pastels, water color bricks, colored pencils, paint brushes and drawing pencils. Plus it comes in a large case to keep it all organized when it take it along with you. Model building kits are wonderful for kids who have trouble accessing their more creative side. They take actual things — cars, airplanes, ships, etc — and the kids get to build them and paint them. Youtube videos are a unique way for kids to explore their creativity.

22 Unique Gifts for Tween Girls That Are As Trendy and Cool As She Is

Not quite a teen yet but not a child either, being 12 is a difficult time. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. This Fujifilm Instax is small enough for her to take with her everywhere and get print outs instantly. Apple iPad. Technology is a part of everyday life now and it can be used for so many different things.

Shop TODAY has affiliate relationships so we may get a small share of the revenue if you buy something through our links.

Updated daily, check out our " Best Sellers " list to see what toys and games are trending! We travel the world searching for quality, innovative toys and games. We are not just a seller of toys

Best Birthday Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Wondering what to get your preteen for an upcoming birthday? Try these bithday gift ideas to make this a birthday to remember for any young teenager. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it. This clock turns your child's iPod nano into a personalized alarm clock.

Your kids will appreciate these gifts for 11 year olds that will help them succeed in 6th grade. From handy organizers to helpful study guides and thoughtful books to cool electronics, there are lots of choices here that will be benefit the whole family during these tween years. From peer pressure to mood changes and everything in between, this book has a ton of great advice. Now 5X more powerful than older models, you can get easy HD streaming of over , movies and TV episodes. Give them the gift they will love.

50 Mind-blowing Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls That She’ll Love and Use

She's in the midst of the tricky time between childhood and her teen years , which makes finding the perfect present even more difficult as if it wasn't already. That doesn't even take the ever-changing trends of today — VSCO girl today, who knows what tomorrow — into consideration. Lucky for you, we gathered a list of the cutest, trendiest, and most magical think: unicorns gifts for tween girls. Perfect for girls ages , these on-trend gift ideas cover all the bases, including sporty finds, STEM-friendly gifts , and of course, all things glitter. Even the tween that's notoriously hard to please will find something to smile about with these fun ideas. Next up: shopping for the tween boy in your life. If you're struggling to find the a present that he'll actually love, take a look at these gift ideas. This gift might be more of a flashback to your childhood, but she'll love it just the same.

Dec 2, - At 12 years old, you need to get her more interactive and outdoor Your girl will be able to shoot fantastic photos to commemorate her She can write about the games she plays with her friends or the gift her dad gave her on her birthday. The Best Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls: Make the Most of Playtime.

Caroline is the mother of three spirited children. She and her husband have two teenage sons and a year-old daughter. She's 13 years old! And whether the gift-giving occasion is a birthday, 8th-grade graduation, bat mitzvah, Christmas, or Hanukkah, you are buying for a very critical and discerning recipient. As the mom of a teenage daughter, I have first-hand experience anticipating the sensitivities and social pressures of this age group.

Tween Gifts for Any Occasion

Buying gifts is hard in the first place. Buying the perfect gift for a kid is a whole different ball game. These'll cover any age and any interest, and make great presents for the holidays.

Best Gifts for Tween Girls in 6th Grade




100+ Popular Gifts for Middle School Kids (Ages 11 – 14 Years Old)



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